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Van der Wel is a respected supplier for your outsourcing/contracting-out requirements in the area of assembly, construction of appliances, engineering, construction of machinery, construction work, production of plate metal parts and machined components in small or large series.

Contracting-out outsourcing with rapid delivery

At Van der Wel it is more a rule than an exception that we supply your needs professionally with the shortest possible throughput time, naturally according to your requirements and with dimensional reporting aimed to avoid any irregularities in the outsourcing process.

Materials (metals but also plastics) that we handle include: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, high tensile steel, abrasion resistant steel etc.

Production in Serbia – low costs, high quality

The entire production of your outsourced requirement takes place at the production facility in Serbia. The reason for this location has to do with the benefits of low labour costs which naturally have an influence on the price. Van der Wel carries out the production of your parts with a modern selection of machinery which you could certainly also find in the Netherlands.

CNC controlled machines for lathing and milling

Machining is mainly by CNC controlled machines which are located in a separate area. This flexibility allows us to process your outsourced lathing and milling work with a short throughput time. We can deliver your order in several batches to speed-up the throughput for you as customer. So the outsourcing of lathing and milling work can be customised to your wishes.


The benefits

Our company is indeed based in the Netherlands, but the production and construction work is handled in Serbia. This provides several very significant benefits for you:

  • We can offer an advantageous price level due to low payroll costs.
  • Dutch contact address.
  • Invoicing via a Dutch company.
  • No intermediaries, so no inflated prices.

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